Spirit & Flesh

from by Demo



Chorus 2x
Lost between my spirit and flesh
I'm hoping that nobody's gonna hear my confessions
'Cause there's shame on these hands
Walkin' on thin glass man, flames on this sand

Verse 1
I feel the cold wind all up on this old skin
Wrinkles on the surface are sinkin' and foldin'
As voices lure my subconscious, I'm thinkin' I know them
Open my eyes, as I gasp, memory is so thin
Trying to connect my mind, spirit, and flesh
Excited 'bout the thought, but I'm fearin' the test
'Cause my shell fears pain, spirit shares emotion
And is therapeutic, like the rarest potion
Lost between worlds, can't grasp reality
Bite down, infected with this fantastic cavity
Watching the cookie crumble as my dreams collapse
Wake up with heavy breathing, I don't seem relaxed
'Cause I could simply take a blink and watch the scene relapse
But this time, I'd have the killers on my team perhaps
As I whisper to my conscience, hear it screaming back
Sometimes my mental state is dwelling where the demons at

Chorus 2x

Verse 2
Removing myself from the current moment in time
Hands covered in blood, and I don't know that it's mine
'Cause there's a link between awareness and the lucid state
Mind cycles visions and memories I used to hate
Then reformats, like was I sleepin' on the floor back down
Or did I pass out, sippin' on some more Jack
No recollection for that, still in a dream
Gaps in my memory, can't fill in between
And the villains and fiends always killin' my team
So your stories of gat bustin' aint appealing to me
There's a whole nother layer I reveal when I see
So I experience my living on the realest degree
My senses jumpin' right over the fences
To a place that's boundless, and it's so relentless
Lost in the world, and my mind has never went this
Far from it's home, though it's traveled only inches

Chorus 2x

Verse 3
Relax, deeper, I'm reaching the subconscious state
Feel the reality of tendencies I contemplate
Able to alter patterns of thought
But if my enemies are sharp, then I don't know if it'll matter or not
They bump heads when the battle is hot, the spirit's ruthless
Workin' in my nightmares, finding that it's useless
Foreign thoughts flying through my head, I wonder, "who's this?"
Argue back and forth and I just don't know what the truth is
Breakin' my slumber, but can't open my eyes
Trapped in this dream world, or maybe it's a hope in disguise
'Cause I'd rather live out my fantasy, then sit back and live in vanity
My spirit and flesh can't handle me, but continues to attempt to make a man of me
I'm fightin' fire from both sides, so some live, most die
Synthetic creations, fueled by power from the Most High
All occurring in the depths of my dome
Got me trippin', I don't wanna take a step from my home

Chorus 2x


from Raw Footage (Mixtape), released March 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Demo Fremont, California

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