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I look at myself in the third person... stealin', cursin'
Confused, not understandin' why my feelin's worsen
Thirstin' for power and clout
So when they pullin' thangs bustin', I'mma be ready to battle it out
I got thick skin, sure you don't see evil in this grin
But my conscience whisperin', tellin' me targets to put fists in
Since when have I had to look over my shoulder
Lookin' out for rollers takin' all the soldiers from the corner
I smell the aroma of fear, with a fragrance so vivid
It's sickening. I'm almost too scared to even live it
With visits from my enemy, I'm encircled by flames
In search of my name, mistaken and been hurt by the game
Berserk and insane, I could be burstin' the thang
But this person's the same. The difference, I've been cursed with a bane
They think I'm playin' when I'm sayin' that I'm stayin' in this game
I'll remain 'til my brain's in the lane of the slane
My ignorance is guilty of denying myself
How can I die to myself, when I can't rely on myself
For nothing. Trickin' my brain that I'm contained, but I am bluffin'
And playin' with these buttons in this game and thinkin' what in
God's name has happened to people, now they packin 'the Eagle and that's only half of illegal
And really I know inside they're thinkin' rappin' is evil,
Man, they'd never bare to see what happens after the sequel
It ain't always happy and gleeful, calamity's real
Yes, I'd kill for all my family, you hand me the steel
But i'm burdened with insanity still
If you a fan of me, then come along the journey that's a damaging thrill
Damn is he still managing to exert this power?
I bit the fruit from the tree of knowledge and my tongue is sour
A bittersweet defeat, but I continue to eat
Because the pleasure is appealing and the menu is sweet
Let me split open a spot in my cranium now that my brain is numb
Not sick with a disease that anybody's gonna save me from
Not sick from the ocean, I'm sick from emotion,
Sick of the notion that for every action, I've been pickin' a potion
Just hopin' to ease my ailments, I took the test and I failed it
Been blind and reading braille, it's timing isn't so swell
I'm hiding within a shell, vulnerability is killing me
Look at a picture of myself, really I'm pretending he
Can be content, not resent my descent of status
'Cause when I'm saddest, I just vent to repent
Blamin' Everyone but myself, but is blame the concern?
Even if I used my name, man the flame gonna burn
It's insane when I learn that I've turned my head
Slightly away, and so a burden's what I earned instead
Of righteousness, lightin' this blunt, lifting my spirit from the gutter
If you ain't looked at yourself, then hear it and discover


from Raw Footage (Mixtape), released March 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Demo Fremont, California

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