Barbed Wire

from by Demo



Parental Advisory | Explicit Content


Verse 1
Like barbed wire, every time I'm trying to escape
On the other side of the yellow tape, right where it takes place
Bending corners, trying to shake jakes
Only end up standing on the corner, where the killers tried to vacate
And they know that every witness is a gamble
Thought I took a giant step, but sitting at a stand still
Still approaching everything like this isn't a handful...
It's been too much to handle, since they labeled me a vandal
Trying to lay on wax, like I hit this with a candle
I'm just human, while y'all acting like my viciousness is manual
But when I leak, you know it's raw emotion
Not frontin' when I speak, you know I'm hardly boastin'
You trippin' when the law is broken, it ain't nothin' though
Like I ain't kill a nigga, still sayin' fuck it though
If all these other niggas only in it for the dough,
Why I gotta spill my soul for something you don't really know

Verse 2
It's rusty, busting through the edges of the devil's rope
It cuts me, standing on these corners where they peddle dope
It's like a beveled hope, still grinding, never settle broke
Life is always hazy, when you're viewing from a head of smoke
Still nobody wanna move to what I said or spoke
Watch so many trying to take a big bite of the cheddar choke
Keep sleeping, while my lyrics heat seeking
The deep, thought I stopped there, naw just keep thinking
Each linking syllable sink, til you hear what I'm speaking
No more sowing seeds, or blowing trees, funny I keep reaping
I'm a beast, need to feast before my soul deceases
Therapy for my mind, before it blows to pieces
Carry me while I rhyme, tell me my flows is decent
It's all becoming routine, hell if i know the sequence
So cut your chit chat, because I know your pretense
I bet half of you wouldn't even buy this gold for 3 cents.

Verse 3
Past the point of no return, back against a different wall
Contemplate the jump, although I know it's such a distant fall
So many words unnoticed, I wonder if I missed the call
Standing in this batters box, when I can't even hit the ball
Listen, y'all could pay attention or not
You ain't like me, that's fasho if this ain't hittin' the spot
So I won't give you the time between a tick and a tock
And don't be crawling back over, when I get to the top
I need piece of mind, what does it mean to be sublime?
I heard it was free to find, but it seems to me I'm blind
Once my time's up, my trying luck expires like a well that's dried up
I'm on fire, with the barbed wire tied up, a short fuse, just wait for me to light up
This is my Delilah, my strength's been torn down
I ain't much of a fighter, but I know that I'm war bound
Soldier on the foreground, looking for some more rounds
Thunder coming for your town, with a silent storm sound


from Raw Footage (Mixtape), released March 9, 2012



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Demo Fremont, California

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