Raw Footage (Mixtape)

by Demo

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Parental Advisory | Explicit Content


released March 9, 2012

Artwork: MaCe
Artist Features: Bled'Jon, Escotric, Estee
Production Features: BJv



all rights reserved


Demo Fremont, California

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Track Name: Intro
I look at myself in the third person... stealin', cursin'
Confused, not understandin' why my feelin's worsen
Thirstin' for power and clout
So when they pullin' thangs bustin', I'mma be ready to battle it out
I got thick skin, sure you don't see evil in this grin
But my conscience whisperin', tellin' me targets to put fists in
Since when have I had to look over my shoulder
Lookin' out for rollers takin' all the soldiers from the corner
I smell the aroma of fear, with a fragrance so vivid
It's sickening. I'm almost too scared to even live it
With visits from my enemy, I'm encircled by flames
In search of my name, mistaken and been hurt by the game
Berserk and insane, I could be burstin' the thang
But this person's the same. The difference, I've been cursed with a bane
They think I'm playin' when I'm sayin' that I'm stayin' in this game
I'll remain 'til my brain's in the lane of the slane
My ignorance is guilty of denying myself
How can I die to myself, when I can't rely on myself
For nothing. Trickin' my brain that I'm contained, but I am bluffin'
And playin' with these buttons in this game and thinkin' what in
God's name has happened to people, now they packin 'the Eagle and that's only half of illegal
And really I know inside they're thinkin' rappin' is evil,
Man, they'd never bare to see what happens after the sequel
It ain't always happy and gleeful, calamity's real
Yes, I'd kill for all my family, you hand me the steel
But i'm burdened with insanity still
If you a fan of me, then come along the journey that's a damaging thrill
Damn is he still managing to exert this power?
I bit the fruit from the tree of knowledge and my tongue is sour
A bittersweet defeat, but I continue to eat
Because the pleasure is appealing and the menu is sweet
Let me split open a spot in my cranium now that my brain is numb
Not sick with a disease that anybody's gonna save me from
Not sick from the ocean, I'm sick from emotion,
Sick of the notion that for every action, I've been pickin' a potion
Just hopin' to ease my ailments, I took the test and I failed it
Been blind and reading braille, it's timing isn't so swell
I'm hiding within a shell, vulnerability is killing me
Look at a picture of myself, really I'm pretending he
Can be content, not resent my descent of status
'Cause when I'm saddest, I just vent to repent
Blamin' Everyone but myself, but is blame the concern?
Even if I used my name, man the flame gonna burn
It's insane when I learn that I've turned my head
Slightly away, and so a burden's what I earned instead
Of righteousness, lightin' this blunt, lifting my spirit from the gutter
If you ain't looked at yourself, then hear it and discover
Track Name: My Beautiful Enemy (Ft. Escotric)
Verse 1
My heart's in a predicament
I could turn her away, or say goodbye to all that's significant
Don't think we got the same feelings, but I'm attracted
To something beautiful, and it seems I reacted
In a funny way, 'cause she's trying to murder me
And 'round her father, I don't even act orderly
Never invites me to kick it at her crib
But shows up unannounced, condemning for what I did

You are my beautiful enemy
Remember as I say that in front of your face
It takes one to know one
So, why can't we just stare at the sun

Verse 2
It gets me sick, I wish I picked a chick who'd help me quick
Lost in her eyes, I can't disguise what's inside, Lord please help me get
Out this labyrinth, stuck in a maze
Beauty of my enemy got me amazed
The look in her eyes got me stuck in a daze
And it feels like heaven when I'm touching this dame
She tries to hide her violence
And I let her speak for me, while I reside in silence
I'm so into her, don't want to get rid of her
But she got me running from God, like Jonah and Nineveh

You are my beautiful enemy
Remember as I say that in front of your face
It takes one to know one
So, why can't we just stare at the sun

Verse 3
She's the flirty type, not in for affection
Confusing my eyes the reason's why my brain's in question
When I'm resting, she forces me into her slavery
I hate to see you trying to play games with me
Tempting, I miss things
Running back into her presence, so I can try and fix things
Don't know why I'm taking it, prolonging our relationship
Killing me slowly, I'm loving it and facing it.
Track Name: Barbed Wire
Verse 1
Like barbed wire, every time I'm trying to escape
On the other side of the yellow tape, right where it takes place
Bending corners, trying to shake jakes
Only end up standing on the corner, where the killers tried to vacate
And they know that every witness is a gamble
Thought I took a giant step, but sitting at a stand still
Still approaching everything like this isn't a handful...
It's been too much to handle, since they labeled me a vandal
Trying to lay on wax, like I hit this with a candle
I'm just human, while y'all acting like my viciousness is manual
But when I leak, you know it's raw emotion
Not frontin' when I speak, you know I'm hardly boastin'
You trippin' when the law is broken, it ain't nothin' though
Like I ain't kill a nigga, still sayin' fuck it though
If all these other niggas only in it for the dough,
Why I gotta spill my soul for something you don't really know

Verse 2
It's rusty, busting through the edges of the devil's rope
It cuts me, standing on these corners where they peddle dope
It's like a beveled hope, still grinding, never settle broke
Life is always hazy, when you're viewing from a head of smoke
Still nobody wanna move to what I said or spoke
Watch so many trying to take a big bite of the cheddar choke
Keep sleeping, while my lyrics heat seeking
The deep, thought I stopped there, naw just keep thinking
Each linking syllable sink, til you hear what I'm speaking
No more sowing seeds, or blowing trees, funny I keep reaping
I'm a beast, need to feast before my soul deceases
Therapy for my mind, before it blows to pieces
Carry me while I rhyme, tell me my flows is decent
It's all becoming routine, hell if i know the sequence
So cut your chit chat, because I know your pretense
I bet half of you wouldn't even buy this gold for 3 cents.

Verse 3
Past the point of no return, back against a different wall
Contemplate the jump, although I know it's such a distant fall
So many words unnoticed, I wonder if I missed the call
Standing in this batters box, when I can't even hit the ball
Listen, y'all could pay attention or not
You ain't like me, that's fasho if this ain't hittin' the spot
So I won't give you the time between a tick and a tock
And don't be crawling back over, when I get to the top
I need piece of mind, what does it mean to be sublime?
I heard it was free to find, but it seems to me I'm blind
Once my time's up, my trying luck expires like a well that's dried up
I'm on fire, with the barbed wire tied up, a short fuse, just wait for me to light up
This is my Delilah, my strength's been torn down
I ain't much of a fighter, but I know that I'm war bound
Soldier on the foreground, looking for some more rounds
Thunder coming for your town, with a silent storm sound
Track Name: Spirit & Flesh
Chorus 2x
Lost between my spirit and flesh
I'm hoping that nobody's gonna hear my confessions
'Cause there's shame on these hands
Walkin' on thin glass man, flames on this sand

Verse 1
I feel the cold wind all up on this old skin
Wrinkles on the surface are sinkin' and foldin'
As voices lure my subconscious, I'm thinkin' I know them
Open my eyes, as I gasp, memory is so thin
Trying to connect my mind, spirit, and flesh
Excited 'bout the thought, but I'm fearin' the test
'Cause my shell fears pain, spirit shares emotion
And is therapeutic, like the rarest potion
Lost between worlds, can't grasp reality
Bite down, infected with this fantastic cavity
Watching the cookie crumble as my dreams collapse
Wake up with heavy breathing, I don't seem relaxed
'Cause I could simply take a blink and watch the scene relapse
But this time, I'd have the killers on my team perhaps
As I whisper to my conscience, hear it screaming back
Sometimes my mental state is dwelling where the demons at

Chorus 2x

Verse 2
Removing myself from the current moment in time
Hands covered in blood, and I don't know that it's mine
'Cause there's a link between awareness and the lucid state
Mind cycles visions and memories I used to hate
Then reformats, like was I sleepin' on the floor back down
Or did I pass out, sippin' on some more Jack
No recollection for that, still in a dream
Gaps in my memory, can't fill in between
And the villains and fiends always killin' my team
So your stories of gat bustin' aint appealing to me
There's a whole nother layer I reveal when I see
So I experience my living on the realest degree
My senses jumpin' right over the fences
To a place that's boundless, and it's so relentless
Lost in the world, and my mind has never went this
Far from it's home, though it's traveled only inches

Chorus 2x

Verse 3
Relax, deeper, I'm reaching the subconscious state
Feel the reality of tendencies I contemplate
Able to alter patterns of thought
But if my enemies are sharp, then I don't know if it'll matter or not
They bump heads when the battle is hot, the spirit's ruthless
Workin' in my nightmares, finding that it's useless
Foreign thoughts flying through my head, I wonder, "who's this?"
Argue back and forth and I just don't know what the truth is
Breakin' my slumber, but can't open my eyes
Trapped in this dream world, or maybe it's a hope in disguise
'Cause I'd rather live out my fantasy, then sit back and live in vanity
My spirit and flesh can't handle me, but continues to attempt to make a man of me
I'm fightin' fire from both sides, so some live, most die
Synthetic creations, fueled by power from the Most High
All occurring in the depths of my dome
Got me trippin', I don't wanna take a step from my home

Chorus 2x